Mission Updates as of April 14 — Good news!

by missionpam on April 14, 2014


Barbi Carroll reports:

“More answered prayers.

“Mission Love Sees is so excited to announce this church will receive new
comfortable chairs for the orphans and members.

Church in Kenya

Each Sunday, children’s school benches and desks are used for seating.

“Thanks to the huge heart of Dave Gant of Crescent, Oklahoma, this church will receive new chairs and food for the orphans.

“To God, we give all the praise and all the glory! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you Dave for allowing the Lord to use you in this mighty way!”


Happy, healthy children in the Philippines.

Mission Love Seeds does make a difference.

If you should ever doubt the importance of MLS to these children, just look at their faces.

Ten years ago, the children of the Philippines looked like the photos of today’s children in Kenya — the same sad face, full of hopelessness, hunger and poverty.

But today, they are smiling big, big smiles from ear to ear. Their little tummies are full, their health has improved through medical and dental clinics, they look happy. Now they have hope and love.

“My prayer is Mission Love Seeds will be able to do the same for the kids and orphans of Watamu, Kenya,” said Barbi Carroll, founder of Mission Love Seeds.

“Someone mentioned the other day, ‘The kids look so clean and so healthy’.
“Yes, they do, because every dime that is donated goes to improve the lives of the kids living in poverty. All the clothes and shoes you see on ALL the kids are donated by generous supporters.

The clothes and shoes are collected at our Destin office and then shipped to the office in the Philippines and distributed in the nine mission villages. Just hearing these words from someone who just learned of the mission’s work, made me feel so good that others notice the wonderful appearance of the kids,” Carroll said.

“Most importantly, the kids are taught about the Love of Jesus!”

Kids waiting to sign up.

Kids sign up for VBS.

The children are attending the annual Vacation Bible School for 4 days in the village of Galilee. Children sleep at the school so they don’t have to travel long distances back to their villages.

Boys enjoy their meal.

Mission recently had feedings and clothing distributions in the villages. The food was made possible by Destin United Methodist Church and the Life Center.

Mission Love Seeds distribution of clothing, shoes and toys!

On Saturday, April 12, the mission team distributed clothes, shoes and toys to children living in poverty, in the villages of Admiral and Dumpsite.The distribution was held after the feeding.

Awwww... a baby doll almost as big as she is. The smile says it all!

Darwin, in the yellow strip shirt, has been sponsored through the Mission Love Seeds’ Sponsor A Child Program since 2007. Darwin is still being sponsored for his college through Sarah Fudge of Colorado. Darwin volunteers his time and is very active in the Mission giving back to help others. Here Darwin is helping Mission coordinator in the Philippines Zapanta Fely with distribution of clothing and shoes to the kids.


One of the youngest at the orphanage.

In the past month, the lives of 28 orphans at the Breathe of Heaven orphanage in Watamu, Kenya, have changed for the better.

Mission Love Seeds and its supporters raised money for new floors in the church and the school.

Now, thanks to two very generous supporters the children will no longer have to sleep on dusty dirt floors. The new floors are being made possible by Judy and Crawford Jones of Destin.

Also, supporters Gary and Suzy Sims of Destin, Rosemary Hean of Montgomery, Ala., Jewel Toffier of Santa Rosa Beach, and Debra Stickelber of Santa Rosa Beach have made it possible for a water supply to be created near the orphanage. The orphans will no longer have to walk a long distance for their daily water supply. Prayers are being answered everyday.

To God be the glory!

Mission Love Seeds has wired funds to the orphanage for the waterline, meter, concrete floors for the orphanage and some food.

From bad news to good news! Answered prayers!

It would cost almost $300 to ship this food to Kenya.

The bad news! It would cost almost $297 to ship 50 lbs. to Kenya! Wow! What a shocker!

Good news! MLS decided it would be much better to wire the funds raised for shipping to the orphanage and they can purchase the foods they need.

The mission director/photo journalist Earl Baumgardner and his twin boys plan to travel to Kenya in May to do a documentary on the orphanage. The team can take the food and more supplies when they go.

“The Lord always has a plan and His plan is always best! Thank you, Jesus,” said founder Barbi Carroll.

Meals are cooked over a wood fire.

Outdoor kitchen

All the meals for the 28 orphans are cooked over an open wood fire. The floor of the kitchen is dusty dirt. Mission Love Seeds is praying to improve the kitchen and make it more sanitary.

Pastor Samuel does not own the land of the church and orphanage so improvements must be made simple and temporary. Any improvement would be of much help to the orphans.

Children are eating on new church floor.

Josephine feeds the children.

The pastor’s wife Josephine gives a plate of rice and beans for the orphans’ meal. The kids look so dirty, hungry and sad!

Pastor Samuel and his wife Josephine do the very best they can for the kids.

Children always wash their hands before they eat.

If any of you would like to make a donation to help make improvements to the kitchen, chairs for the church, at $9.50 each, food or clothes for the orphans, you still have time to donate. Here is the link to donate, http://www.missionloveseeds.org/blog/donate/.

Please message Barbi Carroll and let us know where to use your gift. As you can see no donation is too small. The need is so great, so urgent!


Mission Updates as of April 9, 2014

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For many years, Mission Love Seeds has had a Sponsor A Child Program in the Philippines, and will now expand that program to help 28 children in Kenya in the Breath of Heaven Childrens’ Home in Watamu, Kenya.
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Graduation day in Galilee 2014

March 27, 2014

On March 25, 2014, 19 Day Care/Kindergarteners graduated from the Mission Love Seeds School in Galilee, Philippines.
Teacher Alice and Zapanta Fely inside the Mission’s Learning Center. Lots of yummy food and a delicious graduation cake, made possible by Earl Baumgardner and Charla Jordan Baumgardner.

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UPDATE on church floor
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The Mission continues — can you help?

March 10, 2014

Mission Love Seeds needs help to pay for the cost of freight to ship medical and dental Mission supplies, clothes, shoes, school supplies, food, blankets, books, small toys and tools to the Mission Headquarters in Antipolo City, Philippines.
Philippine Mission Coordinator, Fely Zapanta, organizes the distribution of supplies and coordinates mass feedings along with medical [...]

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Pastor’s home nears completion

March 7, 2014

The pastor’s house in the village of Galilee, Philippines, made possible by the Seitz family and supporters, is nearing completion.

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Cookbook on sale — get 2 for 1

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Mission Love Seeds is offering it’s cook book, Heavenly Delights, at a very low price.

The cook book has 745 delicious recipes from locals, people around the world and even the Philippines.
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New land purchased in Galilee

February 16, 2014

Things move fast around Mission Love Seeds. God has lots He wants to do for the children and families in the Philippines.
And when He touches your heart to give, do it. You will receive blessings beyond belief and the families’ lives continue to get better and better.
The Deal is Done!! Praise [...]

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New supporter of MLS

February 14, 2014

These ladies, who live in poverty in the Philippines, look so pretty in their new outfits from the Fashion Exchange Consignment Boutique of Destin.

Owner Glenda Jernigan, a new supporter of Mission Love Seeds, supports the efforts of MLS along with local charities such as Path of Grace and Harvest House.

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