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Planning Christmas for Immokalee

22851706_10156751050491040_4262797953906630701_nMission Love Seeds and Generous Hearts Ministry team up to take Christmas to children and their families in Immokalee, Fla., which means “My Home.” This Christmas, with the crops wiped out by Hurricane Irma, there’s not work in the fields until the spring. Christmas will not be as merry in the homes of the children who live there, where the families were living in poverty before Hurricane Irma, which took EVERYTHING the families had.

We at Mission Love Seeds and Generous Hearts Ministry want to continue to help these needy families over Christmas. We will be collecting toys, food, bikes, and cash/credit card donations to help make their Christmas one of joy.

The Pinecrest K-5 Elementary School teachers and the principal will help us to organize this. Pinecrest is the only Collier County school that has a 100 percent below poverty line level.

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to help us reach our goal of collecting toys, food to fill the community pantry, bikes for kids and the family for transportation, bags of candy and a Christmas dinner at the school.

No donations are too small! Every dollar adds up. You can mail a check to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Dr. E, Destin, FL. 32541 or donate online at http://www.missionloveseeds.org/donate.php

Another local business is going to be a drop off location for items going to Immokalee, Fl.
Drop off your items at

Sarah K’s Gourmet
34940 Emerald Coast Parkway (by Cracker Barrel)
Suite 183


Off to Immokalee in a big truck

The Mission trip to Immokalee was a huge success. A large large truck took all  the donations… water, food, clothes, all kinds of supplies, school supplies, back packs, and even some toys.

Volunteer helped to load the big truck with load after load after load.


Thank you to all who helped.

22196111_10156690491176040_6487324144722565257_nTo see all the photos, visit MLS page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/120924667405/


UPDATE: Now need clothes and toys for kids in Immokalee.

From founder, Barbi Carroll ….

Mission Love Seeds Relief Efforts… for South Floruda UPDATE!

Let’s NOT turn a blind eye to the need of…. Hurting kids and families in their time of NEED!!

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We had not planned on taking many clothes, but I just learned yesterday, kids and their families in Immokalee, Fl really are in need of new or good used clothes and shoes. Also, the kids had very little toys before the storm , but lost EVERYTHING in the massive storm.


Kids are in need of all children’s supplies from diapers, toys and clothes, shoes , medicines … you name it, the kids need it.

If you have clothes to give…. please make sure the clothes are clean, We are asking you to please help by putting the items in bags and label whether the clothes are for boy or girl… and please mark sizes on bags

Volunteers are working very hard on getting the backpacks with school supplies, and snacks packed and we won’t have time to sort the clothes and shoes ,and toys so if you can help in that area, it would be much appreciated. See more photos on Mission Love Seeds Charity Facebook page.

Lets all be God’s helping hands and feet and HELP as much as we can. Please!!.

We know you have already given so much, but the need gets greater.

Also needed is money to pay for one of the trucks and mileage, plus gasoline.

If you would like to help, but don’t have time to shop , I will do the shopping for you. All you have to do is Donate here.NO donation is too small. .Every dollar counts!!http://www.missionloveseeds.org/donate.php and i will do the shopping, just like we have been doing almost EVERYDAY and We are happy to do it . We will do anything to help these hurting kids and their hurting families

I am so thankful for the volunteers Denise Bennet and Toni Rice who have gone above and beyond to help me shop for items to get the very best prices… and I am so thankful to all of YOU who have given and who are still giving, so we can purchae much neeeded items.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has already helped…… and thank you in advance to EVERYONE who helps!!


UPDATE: Trucks head next for south Florida after Irma



Helping each other help children (Sept. 25)

Barbi Carroll of Mission Love Seeds saw Jane Carron of Generous Heart Ministries at Dollar Tree last week purchasing cart after cart of food and snacks to send to the children in Immokalee, Fla.

MLS will send two or three 24-26 ft. trucks plus loaded SUVs that will leave early Friday, Oct. 6.

Items are still needed to fill the backpacks for the children, such as school supplies and snacks. See complete list below. If you have questions, call 850-865-1055. — from The Destin Log, Sept. 27)

Pam Griffin

315-4491 | @DestinLogPam


Mission Love Seeds is responding to the needs of Hurricane Irma in south Florida and will deliver water, food, pet food, school supplies and other supplies to one of the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Irma.

1011756029 FL_LOG_irma.jpgNow the trucks will load up to go to Immokalee, Fla. Pastor Josh Leadingfox and Jennifer Lynn, who works at a school in Immokalee and knows the kids and their families, are busy helping Mission organize the relief efforts there.

This is the area where Mission Love Seeds feels called to help. At this time, they are collecting water, food and supplies to help these families.

“We realize it’s a very long drive from Destin, but we will always go where we feel called by God to go help his people,” said Carroll.

Immokalee is an area that was hit hard. The families are field and packinghouse workers and will not have work for weeks to come.

Just think what you would need to restart your life … toothbrushes, toothpaste, diapers, baby wipes, water, soap, cleaning supplies, trash bags, towels etc.

It was Lynn’s idea to collect backpacks and fill them with food and snacks for the weekend. If you can’ t afford to fill a backpack, please just give as much food and snacks as you can. Mission Love Seeds would like to be able to help refill those backpacks for weeks and months to come. food

Donations can be dropped off at Real Joy Properties, 4014 Commons Drive, Ste. 100. Call 850-424-3094 before coming. Another drop-off location is Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Dr. E.

Call or text MLS at 850-865-1055. Visit missionloveseeds.org to donate or see complete list of needs. Information and updates will be available on Facebook at Mission Love Seeds Charity.

No donation is too small. Every penny goes to help the families. The food and supplies will be delivered as soon as there are enough supplies and funds to rent trucks and pay for fuel.

“We need everyone to come together and help, like you did after Hurricane Harvey,” said Barbi Carroll, founder of Mission Love Seeds. “If you can’t help, please pray others who can help, will — and also pray for safe trip.”

cleanSome supplies needed


Dish Soap

Men’s and women’s deodorant

Feminine hygiene products


Wash cloths


Insect spray

Scrubbing sponges

Cleaning Supplies

Coloring books


Milk – Dollar Tree has milk on the shelf, which has a very long shelf life and it’s very good. A couple of weeks ago, Mission purchased all they had for Beaumont, Texas but the store have since restocked.

Also needed are backpacks filled with non-perishable food and snacks for the children and others filled with school supplies.



Soap/ travel size body wash



Travel size medicines, like Pepto-Bismol, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.

Hand Sanitizer

Floor fans



Baby items — diapers/wipes



Bottled water

Pet food





Non perishable food

Can openers

Heavy duty trash bags

Gift Cards for Walmart, Home Depot
and gas money



Christmas fundraiser using Honeybaked Ham

honeybaked-ham-large-hamMission Love Seeds will, for the 13th year, provide Christmas meals — and smiles — for as many children in the Philippines as they can. They will give food, clothes, toys, and more to all the children in 12 villages they support there.

In addition, they will provide toys and clothes for children in need in their local area. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on a child’s face … a meal, a small toy, a piece of candy or fruit. Every child should be able to smile at Christmas.

We will be doing a Honeybaked Ham fundraiser. You purchase gift cards and enjoy the foods on their website or in their catalog. Or buy and send cards to friends for Christmas or order foods to be delivered to them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays or just because any day.

As a business, maybe you want to purchase cards and send foods to employees or clients as a thank you or holiday greeting.

A million ways to use them.

And best of all, the children in the Philippines, in 12 villages, will get a hot meal for Christmas, toys, clothes, and fruit or candy.

And kids here in the Destin, Fla., area who are living in need will be able to celebrate Christmas with toys and clothes.


And you will have a big smile in your heart.

Please share this with all your friends.

Click here to order gift cards.



MLS will give help to Florida after Irma

21433216_10156612384496040_5012628457054786946_nMission Love Seeds will there to help….. but we can’t do it alone. At this time, we don’t know where God will be sending our volunteers, but we will be responding to the need.

You can help by sending a check to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Dr. E, Destin, Fl 32541 or online at http://www.missionloveseeds.org/donate.php

No donation is too small! Please help, if you can!


Mission taking supplies to Texas victims

Mission is leaving in the morning for Texas …. with a ton of supplies thanks to supporters and donations.

Still need help with paying for a big truck and some more supplies …. can you give a little?  Every little bit will help…thank you.

Visit here and see a story about them that was in the Destin Log or will be tomorrow.




Some of the many supplies being taken to Texas … 21151440_10214326655459767_3858762586019875982_n (1)


Taking Christmas to the Philippines … again

It’s that time of year when Mission Love Seeds begins to think about Christmas. This is the 13th year MLS has provided Christmas gifts and a meal for the villages they support in the Philippines.

“Another Christmas is coming quick, and we want the children in the Philippines to have big smiles on their faces when they see how generous the supporters of Mission have been,” said Barbi Carroll, president and co-founder of Mission Love Seeds.

In 2012, there were only five villages MLS supported, and they all had a meal. Now, that number of villages has grown to 12.

“I hope we can feed all 12 this year,” Carroll said. “The need is overwhelming, but by faith we know God will provide all that is needed to feed all the kids this Christmas, in all of the Mission villages.”

Children line up quickly for their Christmas meal.

Children line up quickly for their Christmas meal.

Mission Love Seeds can not do it by themselves … they need their supporters, organizations, businesses, churches and others to help. And there are several ways you can.

The Adopt-a-Child program is $25 per child and the money will be used to provide a dress, shoes and doll for the girls and the boys get a complete outfit, shoes and a truck or ball.

To provide food, you can bring nonperishable food items, such as noodles, spaghetti, peanut butter or oatmeal to 55 Country Club Drive E. in Destin.

Also needed will be clothes and shoes, Barbie dolls or other small dolls and small toys, trucks, small stuffed animals, books, etc. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on a child’s face … a meal, a small toy, a piece of candy or fruit.

In 2012 the children were so excited to receive their small toys.

In 2012 the children were so excited to receive their small toys.

Monetary donations will be appreciated to help with shipping costs and other purchases that are made in the Philippines for the Christmas dinner. You can send check to Barbi Carroll, 55 Country Club Drive E., Destin 32541 or visit the website missionloveseeds.org to donate using PayPal or credit card. Items must be shipped to Philippines by end of September.

Think about those who have nothing for Christmas. Mission Love Seeds can’t help them all, but it would if it could. And this year it hopes to be able to with your help. Can you help put a smile on a child’s face?

For more information, message Carroll on Facebook or visit Mission Love Seeds Charity, email missionloveseeds@cox.net or call 850-865-1055.

First published in The Destin Log Aug. 30, 2017.


MLS helping Destin family in need






Article in Destin Log on Wheeler family and a fire that took everything they have.


Barbi Carroll, founder of Destin-based Mission Love Seeds, asks supporters of MLS to purchase gift cards so the family can select many of the items they need, including clothes, toiletries, household items, etc.

Mail gift cards to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Drive, Destin FL 32541. They will make sure the family has the things they need.


Reaching out … locally and around the world



By Pam Griffin




The Grace Foundation of Destin has reached out and impacted the world as an extension of the Lord’s work at Grace Lutheran Church since 2006.

When Grace Lutheran Church received a $1 million gift from an anonymous church member in July 2006, the donor requested it be used for under-funded mission work, local or global. Earnings from the principal are distributed through the grant process twice a year, in May and November.

Mike Wind, executive director at Grace Lutheran Church and vice president of The Grace Foundation, told The Log the foundation has given 126 grants for a total of $508,945 since they began.

The recipients of grants given this month are:

1. Mission Love Seeds: Funds to assist in the construction of a worship center facility in the Admiral Village of Antipolo City, Philippines. The facility will include a worship area, bathrooms, daycare facilities, and a worship area.

2. East European Mission Network: Funding for the development of a learning center in Eastern and Central Europe. This request is for the initial phases of development for the first learning center in Saldus, Latvia.

3. Evergreen Lutheran School: To help support the Lutheran School with tuition for the families who cannot afford it and with ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the school.

4. Asha Mission Society: The funds being requested are beginning-of-the-year school expenses. These expenses include annual registration fees, books, book bags, school supplies, uniforms, shoes and socks.

Mission Love Seeds, East European Mission Network and the Asha Mission Society each received $5,000, while the Evergreen Lutheran School received $14,500.

Fourteen doctors and interns donated their time in the village of Admiral.

Fourteen doctors and interns donated their time in the village of Admiral.

Destin-based Mission Love Seeds has received several grants from The Grace Foundation over the last 10 years.

“The blessings keep on flowing for Mission Love Seeds,” said Barbi Carroll-Hawbaker, founder and president of MLS. “John (Hawbaker) and I are so thankful for all the help MLS has received from The Grace Foundation. We could not have made such a large impact in the areas where the mission works without the help of this wonderful foundation. It’s so amazing.”

Other projects they have completed over the years, thanks to the grants, include six water purification systems and medical/dental clinics in the villages in the Philippines; a church, kitchen, restrooms, shower and a grill in the village of Sitio Pantay; homes in Galilee; and concrete walls and steel gates at an orphanage destroyed by the earthquake in Haiti.

 AFTER: The Casaljay family now lives in a new blue home, thanks to a grant from The Grace Foundation in Destin.

The Casaljay family now lives in a new blue home, thanks to a grant from The Grace Foundation in Destin.

“Mission Love Seeds has demonstrated to us the real impact that our grants have had on their ministry,” Wind said. “They are doing tremendous work and have kept us completely involved and informed along the way. We have been made to feel as partners in the endeavors, and not just issuers of checks. Through this process, we have come to know their leadership and have found them to be passionate, honest, hard-working and truly devoted to their mission.”

“Let’s roll … let’s build God’s house,” Carroll-Hawbaker said. “By faith, we see a worship center, school, and playground in the village. It is so amazing what the Lord does with the funds received from Grace, and how He does exceedingly and abundantly more than what our imagination allows.”

Applications for The Grace Foundation grants are accepted for those who impact an underserved and disadvantaged group of people; programs with clearly defined objectives, qualified and committed leadership and measurable outcomes; programs that connect service-recipients to Grace faith values; and capital projects that support programs and goals as defined above.

There will be another review cycle in the fall of 2017 and applications will be accepted through Oct. 31. To receive an application or for further information, contact Mike Wind at 850-654-1679 or mike@gracedestin.com.

Ran in The Destin Log May 27, 2017.