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When Barbi Carroll, founder of Mission Love Seeds, opened her door, imagine her surprise when she found 500 toothbrushes, donated by Nancy Hartsock Williams.

“The tooth brushes will be distributed during a Medical Clinic that will be held later this year in the Philippines,” Barbi said. “God is so good! Thank you, Jesus.”

The toothbrushes are all packed and ready to ship.

If you can help with shipping costs, click donate above or contact Barbi at missionloveseeds@cox.net or on Facebook at Mission Love Seeds Charity.



And more surprises came from Dollar General.

“Tthe Lord just blessed Mission love Seeds with tons of children’s cute shoes and all kinds of cool items,” Barbi said. “My vehicle is loaded down with boxes from Dollar General. Thank you, Jesus! Thank, you, Castelo Caroline.”




Children help with building houses

Children work hard in the village of Galilee, Philippines, to help build the houses. This is house #20, going up fast thanks to hard work of the villagers.



Graduation 2015 in Galilee

Mission Love Seeds’ class of 2015 has graduated in the village of Galilee. After the ceremony, lunch was served with one of the children’s favorite meals, spaghetti.

Gifts were also presented to the young graduates.

Mission coordinator Fely Zapanta (left) and teacher Alice with 2015 graduates.

Mission coordinator Fely Zapanta (left) and teacher Alice with 2015 graduates.


Boys in class

Boys in class


Girls in class

Girls in class


 Children also received gifts from supporters here in Destin.

Dollar General and Castelo Caroline donated  sunglasses for graduation.

Dollar General and Castelo Caroline donated
sunglasses for graduation.

David and Tara Brinkley gave Beanie Babies to the children.

David and Tara Brinkley gave Beanie Babies to the children.

To see more photos, visit www.facebook.com/groups/120924667405/



Vacation Bible School starts soon


Mission Love Seeds is preparing for vacation Bible school at the end of this month and is expecting twice as many children to attend. Many of the kids arrive early in the morning and will not eat all day unless the mission provides food for them.

feed2    Photos show the children in 2014 enjoying the    lunch prepared by Mission Love Seeds every day.







If you would like to be a blessing to the kids during the VBS activities, please help by providing funds to purchase food. No donation is too small. Visit
http://www.missionloveseeds.org/blog/donate/ or email missionloveseeds@cox.net.





House #20 being built in Galilee


This family is getting house #20.

This family is getting house #20.

This family will receive a new house, thanks to Jeremiah Seitz , Thess Embile Seitz and their supporters!

God is so amazing! Thank you Jesus, for using this obedient couple and their friends.





Feeding in Philippines — Jan. 31

A feeding Jan. 31 was done by Barbi’s sister, Teresa Bussa in honor of their sister, Nora, who passed away the week before.

Doesn’t it  make your heart smile to see these little ones so happy?



Work has begun to drill the mission’s first (Bore Hole) water well in Kenya. The water well is being drilled by hand and estimated to take 60 days or more to drill.

The water well is being made possible by a grant from The Grace Foundation of Destin, Florida
God is so good! To God be the Glory!



Children’s clothing needed

B7-chu-missionDestin-based Mission Love Seeds needs light weight children’s clothing to send to the more than 1,000 children it supports in 10 villages in the Philippines. With more villages added, plus the clothes needed for some children in the Destin area, there is always a need.

Lisa Snuggs donates many items, including clothes, to MLS. She recently donated some of the clothes her daughter Phoenix had when a young girl. The children in the Philippines are so happy when they receive Destin clothes, and they look so cute. dr

The children really like the clothes they receive that have Destin or something about Destin on the T-shirt or shorts.

Gently used or new clothes would be appreciated. Or if you would prefer, a monetary donation would be used for shipping the clothes to the Philippines, which can be quite expensive.

Visit Mission Love Seeds Charity on Facebook, call 850-650-5583, mail check to 55 Country Club Drive East
Destin, FL 32541 or email missionloveseeds@cox.net to make donations.




Apples CAN change a life …

Christmas has come to the Philippines … thanks to all the supporters of Mission Love Seeds.

MLS started the Christmas meal and distributions today, Dec. 20, in the now 10 villages plus 40 new families who moved to Galilee. A lot of people, but God has provided and is still providing money to purchase all the needed supplies.


Off the Mission team goes, loaded like Santa’s sleigh.

The meal includes spaghetti and peanut butter sandwiches (the children’s favorite), and of course APPLES. The children can go back as many times as they want to, until little tummies are full.

Smiles are bright and eyes are glowing as they receive their plates, plus clothes, toys and so much more.

Here is a link to see the photos, with more coming in this week.


Here is another link from Day. 2, Dec. 20.



Thank you to all the supporters for Christmas 2014.






Can an apple change a life?

Mission Love Seeds, with the help of residents, visitors and organizations, has made sure foster children in the Destin community will have tons of toys on Christmas Day.

The 67 foster children from FamilesFirst Network will have a wonderful Christmas morning, with toys and clothes from their wish lists. People in the community responded as never before.

Can you imagine seeing an apple in this precious little one’s hands on Christmas Day? These children are the poorest of the poor.

Can you imagine seeing an apple in this precious little one’s hands on Christmas Day? These children are the poorest of the poor.

But let’s not forget God’s little children in the Philippines, Kenya and around the world who will not open a gift with a toy on Christmas morning or eat a hot meal on Christmas Day.

“Supporters went above and beyond to provide the best Christmas ever for our local kids,” Barbi Carroll, founder of Mission Love Seeds, told The Log. “With the sudden death of my dear brother David Carroll, we are, however, far behind in raising funds for kids living in poverty in our mission areas in the Philippines and Kenya. At this late date, an apple or an orange would be a total blessing to the kids who have nothing.”

MissionLove Seeds can purchase 150 apples for $50 in the Philippines and oranges are just a little higher. Donations are needed to help purchase hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces of fruit by next week.

To donate funds to help purchase fruit for these children on Christmas Day, message Barbi Carroll on Facebook, email missionloveseeds@cox.net, call 650-5583 or send a check to 55 Country Club Drive in Destin, 32541. You can also donate above with credit card.

Mission wants to help more little ones — a meal, a toy, a piece of fruit — not much but enough to bring big smiles to their faces.

“Can you imagine most kids have never had an apple or orange?” Carroll said. “Please help if you can.”


Article first ran Dec. 20, 2014,

in The Destin Log.