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Children blessed by birthday party

Chris Embile chose to celebrate his birthday Saturday, August 31, by blessing the Mission Love Seeds children in the village of Galilee, Philippines. Chris arrived in Galilee with 29 of his friends to help make this Chris’s best birthday ever.

The eager team arrived with tons of food to feed the entire village, prizes for all the kids, hair cuts and lice treatments, just to name a few of the surprises for the kids.

The children of Galilee greet Chris and his large team as they enter the village. The mission kids welcome Chris and his team by giving them a beaded necklace.The beads are gifts from Sam Taylor Cadillac in Fort Walton Beach.
Mission children wait patiently to give each of Chris’s team a necklace to welcome them. Hey, ya’ll, Mission Love Seeds can use your old parade beads.

This is not Chris’s first visit to Galilee. He was with a group lead by Jeremiah Seitz and Thess Embile Seitz in December 2012 who blessed the entire village for Christmas.

We never know what can happen when a seed is planted. Plant a seed, expect a harvest!

Thank you, Chris! Thank you for sharing your birthday with the Mission kids of Galilee. May God pour out His many blessings on you, your family and all your friends!

Mission Love Seeds performed a dance for Chris and his team.

Chris Embile spoke to the kids.

Chris's birthday cake.

Everyone who attended Chris's birthday party.

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