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MLS needs donations to help in Louisiana

Mission Love Seeds and a team of volunteers have just returned from a trip to help flood victims in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Many families lost everything and did not have flood insurance. Our team of volunteers worked very hard knocking and cutting out old wet sheet rock. Appliances no longer work.

14117451_1472520781.4134Now, thousands of sheets of sheet rock, large appliances and other building supplies are needed, so families can get back into their homes.

We are working very close with families in Denham Springs and promised the families we would be there to help. Please help us help the families !!

Many have small children and are living in Campers, RV’s or Shelters. The Mosquitoes are so bad and come out early in the afternoon.

Let’s get families back in their homes ASAP.

Can you help a little … or maybe a lot???

Click https://www.gofundme.com/2mbccqcc to make a donation at Go Fund Me.

Remember, no donation is too small.

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