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MLS off to Louisiana — you can help

rainHeading back to Destin in pouring rain.



The team got a lot done in the short time they were there.

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The Mission team arrived in Louisiana. Here is message from Barbi:

Hey everyone Louisiana really needs our help! It is so much worse than we have seen on TV. Our brothers and sisters need our help.Mission Love Seeds is willing to go help, but we can’t do it alone. If God speaks to your heart please donate today.


1MLS left early Sunday morning, Aug. 21, to head for Denham, La. There were 3 vehicles and 9 volunteers. It is a one=day trip to drop off cleaning supplies, water, fans (to dry out the houses), and other necessary items to get started on clean up.






Mission Love Seeds, based in Destin, is collecting items to take to Denham Springs, Louisiana to help people begin the clean up. They were asked to help by a friend in this house. Help is needed by volunteers to remove wet and muddy furniture and rip the wooden floors out of the houses.14067427_1057578980986943_6465382916271197901_n

Needed are water, bleach, paper towels, cleaning rags, multi-purpose cleaners, plastic gloves, trash bags and heavy duty trash bags, large and over size covered plastic containers for holding items, cleaning supplies, shovels, racks, and sheet rock.

Items may be dropped off at the Fire Station on Airport Road in Destin. Make sure they are marked for Mission Love Seeds.
If you would like to donate money, visit missionloveseeds.org to use credit card or mail a check to Mission Love Seeds, 55 Country Club Drive, Destin FL 32541.

Call 850-865-1055 for more information.

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