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UPDATE: Now need clothes and toys for kids in Immokalee.

From founder, Barbi Carroll ….

Mission Love Seeds Relief Efforts… for South Floruda UPDATE!

Let’s NOT turn a blind eye to the need of…. Hurting kids and families in their time of NEED!!

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We had not planned on taking many clothes, but I just learned yesterday, kids and their families in Immokalee, Fl really are in need of new or good used clothes and shoes. Also, the kids had very little toys before the storm , but lost EVERYTHING in the massive storm.


Kids are in need of all children’s supplies from diapers, toys and clothes, shoes , medicines … you name it, the kids need it.

If you have clothes to give…. please make sure the clothes are clean, We are asking you to please help by putting the items in bags and label whether the clothes are for boy or girl… and please mark sizes on bags

Volunteers are working very hard on getting the backpacks with school supplies, and snacks packed and we won’t have time to sort the clothes and shoes ,and toys so if you can help in that area, it would be much appreciated. See more photos on Mission Love Seeds Charity Facebook page.

Lets all be God’s helping hands and feet and HELP as much as we can. Please!!.

We know you have already given so much, but the need gets greater.

Also needed is money to pay for one of the trucks and mileage, plus gasoline.

If you would like to help, but don’t have time to shop , I will do the shopping for you. All you have to do is Donate here.NO donation is too small. .Every dollar counts!!http://www.missionloveseeds.org/donate.php and i will do the shopping, just like we have been doing almost EVERYDAY and We are happy to do it . We will do anything to help these hurting kids and their hurting families

I am so thankful for the volunteers Denise Bennet and Toni Rice who have gone above and beyond to help me shop for items to get the very best prices… and I am so thankful to all of YOU who have given and who are still giving, so we can purchae much neeeded items.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has already helped…… and thank you in advance to EVERYONE who helps!!

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