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Our Team

Our team consists of staff, volunteers, and people like you. It takes everyone to make a difference. Meet a few of the people who make our mission possible.

Barbi Carroll, President

In December of 2004 Barbi met Fely who was their neighbors’s housekeeper. Fely shared some images of poverty-stricken areas where she was from, the Philippines. Barbi immediately felt the need to help and began collecting donations of money to send rice to a Filipino family. From this was born Mission Love Seeds.

John Hawbaker, Vice-President

John serves as vice-president of Mission Love Seeds. He has visited villages in the Philippines and seen the extreme need for help.

Fely Zapanta, Mission Cooridinator Philippines

Fely heads up MLS operations in the Philippines. She coordinates all distributions as well as mission trips from the US. Her attention to detail keeps MLS running smoothly.

Charie Zapanta, Staff Mission Team Phillipines
Al Zapanta, Staff Mission Team Philippines